diamonds and keys

The Golden Scallop

Originally published on January 22, 2019

What the book is about?

Crix and Legen are back! Only this time, they have an unfulfilled obligation to the shah of Nabadeen - the treasure the king was hunting after for a long time. Only few dared to whisper anything about the Esper scriptures in the castle of Nabadeen. The legends were enticing many royals of Azaz to go after such a powerful relic as the Golden Scallop. Craving for magical powers since the end of the Opulian war had only intensified. The lads from Amber Heights were caught in hands of such an avarice, forever changing the magical nook.

Hedgens and legends

It was a mellow summer in Norwin, and our old friends from the First Light, had stood at the green, mouldy tree log, serving them as a notice of an adjacent entrance to the magical realm of the Maze Forest - the ever-green pits of bards and rooks. A place situated next to the Hedgen village, where Cruxes, troubadours and talking hedgehog families were staying over night in sack tents, sharing their stories about Menators and other tales.

Contested by the most recent enigmas of their trip to the Nabadeen castle, Crix and Legen were at their biggest dilemma since the end of the Opulian war. The enforcing shah and his watch never let them go free anywhere... or so they thought.

Another hedgen

A quest

The treasure-hunters knew where to aim at - somewhere in the middle of the lost 'ocean of woods' in Norwin, known as the Droop Forest. The place where, according to shah's intelligence, the ancient catacombs were hidden. Someone was listening while Crix and Legen were chattering about it and the Esper Entrance was on their tongue. Uncle Dirp knew it wasn't all going to play out well for the boys and he decided to help them with a challenging advice.

The quest receives a fuller expansion of the Globiopedia, introducing us to Saars, Neegles, Ballards, Emples and many other species that are new to the fantasy environment. The novelty of Globiuz in bringing its own unique environment, instead of re-using the classic 'ork-elf' formula so much prevalent in the genre.

The attic

All the stories of Globiuz are told from the attic narrator and we are back to the place of a crazy, old man living there. Bakarak Scaven was indeed a wacko, devoted to his craft of archiving. His only friends were his grandchild Ave and his friend Tim - the boys who were visiting him occasionally. All the stories untold were lying in the den of such a lonely man, who had secluded himself in the alcoves of his library, away from anyone, writing and solving the legends of the past. A self-proclaimed historian, who had insisted that Globiuz was real, before it had turned into Earth.

turnip of Bakarak

The duo trudges on

We witness changes in writing since the First Light and accentuate on the duo of Crix and Legen for an easy go! Many paths they have to trial, in order to understand the broader canvas of the changing environment. Visiting the Droop Forest, Port Oreol, the Dammas castle of the king Madak and his butler Kringe, the hideout of king Galias and many other twined stories, that simply can't be unfolded in one installment. A big quest, that does not stand alone in the Globiuz series and paths its way right into the hands of the Sinister of Bones.