Country in Globiuz. A southern peninsula, situated in the jutting part of the Orian mainland. Bordered by Ferania from north, Cadel and Shakalot from north-east. Washed by the Grand Ocean from west and the Southern Ocean from south.

Azaz is mainly a tropical place, inhabited by Nabadeens. Rich and eminent in its grandeur, it is ruled by the richest shahs of the south. A land of dunes and sparse palms, that haven't had all of the fossils for its procurement, but made it to a prominent kingdom. Azaz paved its way to fame, through diamond trades and sailing craft. Sprawling around all the rumours of the rarest gems, hidden underneath the castles of the richest shahs. It is also notorious for its strong army of Nubadeens and the camel army of Tannukans, deflecting many nomad invasions from the east. Azaz had carried out many successful campaigns with Askal in that region.

Map of Azaz