Port Oreol

A port in northern Norwin. A busy port in northern parts of Norwin, that mostly handles commercial transportation to other continents. It also takes in passengers, mostly from Colbroom, Ferania and Askal, for personal voyages. Oreol is not the fastest port in the west-Orian hemisphere, but the vital, raw materials are getting passed from here. It communicates to Perenial, Prunes and Tornak. Seldomly, Norwin sends its commercial cargoes into a dangerous voyage to Safir. Sailing over the Grand Ocean, in those waters, is the most dangerous venue. As a place of cultural exchange, Oreol stood for many aboriginal races of Iwis, Kiwis, White Gnomes, Trunkets, elves and humans. Many Clux rowers were hired for vessel operations, Custaceans - for cargo loading. In Oreol you would find anyone.