Maze Forest

A forest chain of Amber Heights. We know that Amber Heights is a location between the Torry and Ferania, but not so many realize, how deep its growing forest is, because nobody yet had mapped it. Amber Heights begins from an open promontory, an open ledge over the corn fields, where Crickens and Hedgens live in a small village, and it extends deep into the ridges of Shakalot.

There is only one inhabited area at the fringes of the Maze Forest, and it is the Deep Forest, where Hedgens and gnomes live side by side. Very few of them have dared to enter the labyrinths of the Maze Forest, noticing strange, Cayman-like creatures, cluttering in the depths of it, beside dry, curling twigs; witnessing oversized, talking magpies and wolves, standing on their feet. Some have even testified of Krahters (!), guarding chests of the forgotten Green Gnome civilization.

Maze Forest is not just a forest, but many forests in the forest - and it is confusing, even for the indigenous dwellers to fathom. A notorious place for treasure seekers and those people, who have nothing to lose in their lives.

Map of Maze Forest