Species sapiens, the hedgehog family of forest dwellers. Hedgens look like an over-sized hedgehog sapiens, moving on their hind paws in a human posture. Its humanoid traits are minimal, however Hedgens are more civilized than the latter. These creatures keep secrets of the mazes, catacombs and tunnels. They can talk to ravens, foxes and other forest 'brothers', the rest of the Globiuz would never have a chance to approach.

Hedgens are deep thinkers and always worry about the future of their magical nooks. They stay mostly in tight Hedgen communities, in sack-tents, suspended at the tree-trunks. At nights, they sleep at camp-fires, dreaming, that one day they could change something and the world. You could still find them in Amber Heights, Frool and Droop forests, perhaps, talking to magpies, or murmuring something to themselves, moving abraded needles on their backs.