By rlds, 16 February, 2019
The Globiuz fantasy book characters by R.L. Douglas.

Creative writing

With the revival of the fantasy genre, which we have noticed on the widespread of the Netflix series, we discover more and more of fantasy worlds that are self-contained. More of the young artists create fantasy canvases for writers, but very few authors make them from scratch.

Creating own fictional world, maps and races without being based on the most of the notorious, established environments created before your work - is the basic goal of creative writing.

If you make a book that sounds and looks like another version of LOR or HP, then it is going to fail. We know that the LOR and HP didn't invent the fantasy genre, neither they have invented elfs and trolls, or wizards, but they keep the trend cemented.

Scandinavian, Icelandic and other folktales brought to us the definitions of elves, trolls and the horrible witches that are exploited in the modern works. The German folk tales, for example, had and still have those classic elements presented in the classic works of the Grimm Brothers, Hans C. Andersen and the others. Some of the pictures of the Nordic trolls, dwarfs and elves depict direct fantasy horror.

Globiuz created own races

Before anything new is created, there is a requirement for it to serve a specific role or purpose in your book. Some of the basic races as elves and trolls are not sufficient these days to fulfill the rich development of the new fantasy world.

Clux - the character of Globiuz fantasy series

Globiuz is not a folk tale, nor a grotesque depiction of weird creatures. Globiuz is a popular fantasy that holds up the reglement of our contemporary human life, creating an alternative past we may have had before the human history had ever started. Right on the edge of the long and distant past, a different swerve of evolution had brought us the new species, laws and the place known as Globiuz.

There is a major exception of this development, and it is of course - the magic. In the beginning of the First Light, we see the balance of powers shifted from the known at that time magic and sorcery into the militaristic development of physical weapons. Advancing sciences in navigation, construction, ore mining and chemistry - it was more efficient for the kingdoms and monarchs to rely on tools rather on magicians.

Therefore, we see the potential conflicts of interests, the tensions that were spreading out. The magic powers became more and more hidden, prohibited and even hunted for.

Many generations who had got birth on Globiuz since thereafter, were becoming 'ascetic' to the notions of magic. The craft of wizardry was getting lost. Perhaps, the old generations who kept their stories at the fire-camps, still remembered the labyrinths of Amber Heights, the underground cities of the Frool Forest and the undersea cities of the Coral Reefs.

The development

Every turn in the evolution of the environment is pertinent to the basic Darwinian principles, because of certain nature of survival, and the balance between the magic and violence in the food chain. It has evolved such species as: Crustaceans, Cluxes, Crickens, Paglots, etc.

Trunket - another creature from the Globiuz fantasy books

Each specific race is a direct response to a certain environment. We know that Globiuz has vast intrication of flora and fauna. Geographic locations vary from the steppes, over to the rich vine hills and to the ice-freezing Colbroom; from there to the hazing Perenial, surrounded by ugly Emples, toads and spike-fish; sailing over the Grand Ocean to see the ruins of Safir, the kingdom of Prunes; to cross the Arrion forests and survive the deadly Saars, in order to see the mountains of Kram.

The chain of geographical changes is immense, whether it is the desert of Azaz with their Tannukan species, or the wet caves where the Sleeves hide. The research on the major species of mammalia, aquatic craniates, vertebrates and homo sapiens, brought to us scientific explanations of certain race probability.

The Nordic folk tales have never explained to us why the witches had long nails, or why there were certain hags in certain areas. Why the trolls were formed in a specific way and the elves the other. Why Crustaceans have strong shells but weak legs, or why the elves of the Frool Forest are weak fighters, but of tall height, compared to the short versions of them in Tornak, who are good warriors, and other questions.

The plot

We know that no matter how rich and explorative your fantasy map is, it should be filled with energy and soul of your characters. The messengers of First Light who strive to stop the war, the young draftee eager to enroll, the Green Dwarfs and the elves, who rush to prepare the Tin Fort for the siege, the drunkard at the tavern who spills his secrets down the table for a gulp of ale, the Kazool tribesman who tries to withhold the anger of his primitive tribe - all of them are the part of the Globiuz events.

Such creative writing and the meticulous fantasy outlaying, construe a strong storytelling. At least for some people.