Mammalia sapiens, wild, Centaurus-like archers, with torsos of horses, human upper bodies and ram horns. Nomads of the Prunes steppes, rovers and occasional invaders. These fast-pacing creatures have no heredity, nor laws - they belong only to themselves. Short-tempered and free-roaming — they are hard to be caught.

Arrions are omnivorous and don’t form a strong identity of a predator. In some regions, they are the prey for hunters, valued by their game and rare horns. There are several types of Arrions, described by a certain century of Globiuz: the Centaurus warriors, capable of storming kingdoms, and the mid-tempered bovines, grazing peacefully. Until many centuries of the Globiuz existence, they were a riddle to understand, for they have not borne any signs of sympathy to other dwellers and, therefore, were deemed as hard-adaptable and endangered.