Species sapiens, crab-like creatures, deriving its name from the classical Crustacea. It represents the most significant evolutionary shift from a Cayman to a human. One of the oldest races to roam Globiuz. Crustaceans are originally short-tempered, hard-adapting ruffians, who are mainly used in heavy, routine jobs that others refuse to do. They were actively used in slave trades for quarry works in Crusbroom and other islands.

Having a very similar body complexion to Caymans, Crustaceans are able to fight on a human side as the 'crusta-shields', the powerful shields against archers, as well as, the 'crusta-ladius', the close-combat swordsmen for their heavy claws. The newer species, with time, became meek versions of their former selves, evolving into social workers and menial aids. Some Globiuz scientists had traced a changing mind pattern of the Crustaceans, who were suspected in becoming less aggressive and more submissive in a span of centuries.