From castles to drones

Future is always a special place for many of us. In the 21st century, it seems so possible to grasp the droid-driven society with concepts of hovering devices, clouding over mega-cities, such as New Arque and Venice, dystopia driven places like K-port, scattered with junkyards of rusty cyborgs and robot parts - all brings us the feeling the sci-fi world is already approaching.

Stark cities of the future are the embodiment of science and technology, mostly depicted as cynical places of despair. It isn't always the case - bright ideas are finally getting realized via the AI automation, bringing the humans to the forefront of the art creation.

The role of androids

Stratius helps us to enter such a world in the 23rd century, with humans battling their new place in the hi-tech environment. But there are parallel lines in such future, with its industrial cyber-punk reality and bowing architecture of android society, emerging in battling concords of science and art - at last!

It all began with the Globiuz series, kicking off in 2018, paving ways from the fantasy past to its parallel offspring. It was always there, in the attic of Bakarak Scaven - beyond the bending arch of his library alcove.

A bustling imagination of high tech, placed on futuristic canvas, not really that far from our current century


In march of 2019, while proofreading the Cayman chapter of the Golden Scallop, Stratius started to emerge from concepts of magic and environmental problems of the fantasy series. Gems and sorcery of Globiuz were rediscovered and redacted in the first book - First Light (Third Edition, 2021) and it saw the new breath! By 2021, Stratius had its main canvas set and the environment of Trillenium and Dillenium civilizations was soldered.

Link to the past

The link between the past, the present and the future was explained well in the legend of the Tree of Life, inducted in the First Light - the hut scene in the Maze Forest. Which basically divides the fantasy universe in all 3 eras: Radix, Globiuz and Stratius into their separate worlds.

Stratius abstraction


There lived an archivist on the Arch Street, immersed in tonnes of papers and illustrations, studying beetles, stones and art - the man stood on his on, trying to discover something groundbreaking. Little did he know, his knowledge was also of someone else's interest.

The future

The world of Globiuz is peculiar: with elf nooks, troll forests, glens and mountains; abandoned castles, catacombs, the steppes of east, oceans, tailored with corals and underwater dwellings - but this was all in the past. Stratius, at first look, seems as a direct opposite realm of it, but such perception is conventional. Stratius is not contrasting Globiuz, nor it is setting a 'mirrored' reflection of it.

The worlds of Radix, Globiuz and Stratius exist separately (or in parallel), not being contingent or aware of each other.

From legends to AI!

In 2021, we moved from benches of the Arch Street into the realm that was undiscovered all this time. The gemstones, that various orders of Globiuz were trying to hunt after, are here, in the future, to be precise - in the present days of Stratius! Behind the droning commotion of high tech, the megacities hide much more than just parallel lines.