Stratius (the planet)

Stratius is the sci-fi version of Earth in the 23rd century, a high-tech driven planet that depicts a realistic probability of the future Earth. Stratius is the place where fantasy and art-noir dwell together in a cohesive twining, comprising one dominating civilization - the Trillenium, and the least popular, rebel outskirts of the Dillenium.

Stratius is mainly represented by the successful and prospering Trillenium civilization of progress and legal concord, and has no other sovereign countries defined in it. There is also the Dillenium civilization (officially not recognized), the breakaway region of outcasts and lawless people, who lean towards the natural environment without the AI of the Trillenium. Main powers of Stratius are trying hard to convince the rebels to abandon their opposition, striving to find the place that will suit them.

The Stratius series is the direct continuation of Globiuz and is considered as the parallel development of the fantasy universe.

Stratius from space