Species sapiens, mammalia, Caymans are the Crustacean-tortoise sapiens, with hard shells on their backs and a turtle snout. Some of these creatures may know the languages of Globiuz and communicate well, others are plain mammals. Caymans are gentle and coarse, at the same time.

Their stance is atilt, or heavy-stooping, probably from the load of their spine-shells. They usually dwell in tropics, next to the seashores, collecting scallops, pearls and castaway fish. Caymans are mostly omnivorous, preferring more vegetation than meat. They have never formed any boundaries of their own culture, staying nomad in a wild, asunder from each other. Compared to the Crustaceans of Crusbroom, these creatures are the lonely dwellers from under a rock, that have never participated in any events of Globiuz. Caymans were always deep thinkers and benign creatures instead, for what they have led the lives of outcasts.