The social layer of Stratius. Unlike ordinary punks, these ones use all the advantages of hi-tech to serve their philosophy of being against the 'system'. Living mostly like cyber-hipsters, they don't pray pacifism and tend to be more aggressive that the latter. Driven by ostracism and independence, they are capable of virtual-tampering, virtual-misdemeanor and even street hooliganism, alongside with the ordinary punks.

Their philosophy is discontent and the change of the Trillenium civilization, for they believe it only serves the rich and the 'stereotyped ones'. They fight for all the freedoms, though their actions aren't always logical or with feasible results. Cyber-punks have mostly a contradictory ideology of reckless and unpractical youth. Some cyber-punks, with time, turn into hackers and criminals, on the brighter side - entrepreneurs, cops, politicians, business owners, etc.