Country in Globiuz. A fair domain in the west-Orian mainland. Bordered by Norwin from north, by Torry Mountains from north-east, Shakalot from east, Askal from south-southeast, Azaz from south and Blasard from south-west. Washed by the Grand Ocean from west. Mostly, comprised of high plateaus, with sparse hills and balding forests at the fringes. Ferania was like a plain for everyone to pass by. Nothing special was about - it had a little bit of everything, and nothing in particular. Except, that it was inhabited by savage humans.

The kingdom of humans was barbaric and waning away from those lands, compared to the humans in Tornak. At last, it was solidified and re-established by king Bahan, to withstand constant nomad invasions. Ferania was a last fort of the remaining humans in the Orian mainlands. Being under constant perdition from barbarians and self-destructive attitude - Ferania coined a hard fame. But it wasn't devoid of positive sides. The land of Ferania was mild in nature, offering people more time to fix themselves. To hunt, to gather and produce something on their lands.

Dwarfs, elves and other races were advancing rapidly, leaving the humans no choice, but to catch up with them. Feranians, just like the humans from over the Grand Ocean, had finally faced their rock and tried to re-establish their herald...