By rlds, 31 October, 2019
Globiuz I: First Light fantasy tree

First anniversary

In October 31st, 2018 the First Light was published. Not so many people in the world have heard a story of such a book. Not many, yet have tried to discover it, but the foundation was laid out. Writing a world from scratch is like inventing a science of its own. Creating first characters, maps, stories - it all seemed to be impossible.

The motivation

Today, there are tons of books in fantasy genre, more than enough of independent publishers and publishing houses - the market is abundant with the supply of novels. Nevertheless, not so many new ideas. Most of the works are literally inventing a bicycle of the prominent franchises. Globiuz went into the 'rocket science' department, defining the globe itself.

Nations, races, kingdoms - there is a glossary of the book that briefly introduces a reader into the encyclopedia of the environment. The horrible critters nobody else heard of: Krahters, Mormods, Opules, etc; weird and bizarre Cluxes and Trunkets; docile and tamed  Tannukans, and Gragners; noble and astout Green Elves, fierce Black Dwarfs, calm and fastidious Green Gnomes of the Frool Forest; virulent, and at the same time, gregarious Paglots - the list goes on.

The aftermath

The first anniversary of Globiuz is marked with arduous work and very little recognition - which is logically to expect in a small budget promotion. Nevertheless, the story is getting aged and since 2018 it was edited and proofread 7 (!) times, more than the Golden Scallop, which is 110 pages longer.

Writing Globiuz First Light maps, fantasy series

Globiuz First Light had definitely matured with time, it started to slowly grow in the Goodreads communities, getting own recognition over the Internet. Lack of social media promotion played a huge role in keeping the franchise underneath the radar, perhaps for the better use of writing.

The goal of publishing such books is least commercial, but long term oriented. Globiuz First Light was written in fantasy series, in order to assort the volumes. Globiuz is studious, as any science and saucerful in events to claim it own trail in the fantasy genre.

The goal of Globiuz - scientific explanation

Perhaps, the central point of any story, regardless of its fame and heredity - is the character development. The plot cannot go beyond the rich variety of character and coherent dialogues. The goal of Globiuz - is the scientific explanation of the world. Every war and political movement, violence and evil that falls on certain nations, family corruption and other gritty troubles of the real world converge in a fantasy better that everywhere else.

Nobody would believe an unknown writer in his/her 'success stories', which most of the time make no sense to a concrete empirical learning, because they bear subjective opinion over the tendency of life of philosophical and logical manners. Globiuz approaches those troubles meticulously.

Crix, Binglow and the swine-dogs

Our friends of the Torry Mountains, the pig-troll scout Binglow and his gang reveal the face of Black Dwarfs, who live on tops of the Torry cliffs. The pig-troll Paglots are the awkward climbers, but avid archers. They dwell at the bottoms of such dangerous environment and seem to be docile. Scouts and scavengers, due to the confined region of the dwellings, had never experienced any plagues of nomads. They traded with Amber Heights and villages of Norwin for survival. The ore and gold, the Black Dwarfs were collecting on their mountains, was transported and secured by the pig-trolls.

Globiuz book 1, First Light, fantasy novel

Crix is an intellectual herb harvester, as a Cricken species, he knew the nooks of the forests well. Traversing the labyrinths of Frool, he even met once Green Gnomes, the Lilliputs of the 'underground forests'. Crix was a messenger in times of war, but saw the battles only from afar. He never manned any arms and have believed that good word is stronger that any cudgel. He was wrong at that point.

The upcoming hordes of macabre swine-dogs, scything and meat-hooking people on left and right, had different axiom of life - the strong is right. The victor is the ruler. Having no heredity, culture or even an established history, the swine-dog Opules have never tolerated the successful ones; always tried to succumb or conquer the outlying villages. When their successful plagues and raids had stretched over the steppes of Shakalot, up to the borders of Niwan and Cadel, they felt the absolute power.

Leading step by step to the western hemisphere of Globiuz, Opules had established their riteful dogma of dominance: 'They die, because they are weak, therefore we are superior.' Their widespread plague caused grieves even for themselves, because they were not been able to establish normal life outside of their military being. Failing in personal, social, political and governmental establishment, Opules dashed out at their neighbours, killing and burning them - it was all done to stifle their hidden imperfections.

Clash of barbarians and civilizations

It is still a political paradox in the 21st century to discuss the methods the developed world should use against the least developed countries and the terrorists. There is a plethora of self-contradictory opinions that the developed civilizations must be tolerant and civil even towards the evil - be 'competent and progressive'. A philosophical question that was uprooted from religion - 'turning the other cheek', etc. The devious and malign leaders of the Opulian hordes were easily finding justifications for their crimes and the nation of it was accepting it easily. Being obstinate, greedy and envious from nature, Opules refused to educate themselves, therefore were 'swallowing' any theory of their superiority and casus belli to attack anyone in the world.

Forming factually invincible mortars, the Opulian empire, as they titled themselves, nagged the weaknesses of the Globiuz civilizations and marched to quench them.