Country in Globiuz. The land of vast steppes, prostrated in the mid-Orian mainland. Shakalot takes a huge lot of the Orian hemisphere, sharing it only with the small domains of Cadel and Niwan in south, and the whole west-Orian continent in west.

Shakalot is the place of nomads, the vicious swine-dog Opules, and it had earned a bad reputation for over centuries. From ancient times, it was ruled by Niwans and Cadelians. The place was mostly strewn with Emples and dangerous sorcerers like, Shattans. Shakalot fights for dominance in the west-Orian peninsula and takes everything into account, in order to advance its influence. Ruled by the Opules, it suffers more than gains, and the progress of Tornak sets the new rules against them. Incapable to replicate the progress of the western hemisphere, Opules march to terrorize and occupy.

Map of Shakalot