Mammalia, northern horned-monkeys, migrated from Azaz to Norwin, Ferania and to some regions of Prunes. These species have white fur, small horns on their foreheads, long lizard-tongues and green eyes. Some scientists of Globiuz presume, they were mixed with southern Empels (in Azaz) and northern Ramtraks (in Kazool Scoop), forming something in between an average-sized horned ape and a goat.

These hairy creatures live mostly in the tropical areas of Globiuz, in dense woods or jungles, and keep themselves in tight communities, ran by their leader. When scared, these apes could clog the sky, en masse, fleeing from the tree crones. They spring off like spooks of the woods, grabbing lianas and making it all into a dash. They are also called ‘the flying goats’, ‘the horned apes’ and even ‘the white-ass-monkeys’.