Kazool, (Kazool Scoop)

Region in Norwin. Whether you cross Norwin by foot or by cart, you will eventually come across the Kazool Scoop. A major settlement, surrounded by rocks and crows. These settlers, Kazoolians, are very diligent farmers, and have all of tents ready for the travellers. They'd share many stories with you, as long as you'd like their offerings - and they have plenty of them.

Kazool Scoop is a central part of Norwin and it takes a vital point of it. It is, in fact, 'the main artery' of the country. From there, all the roads lead to different directions: to Colbroom (north), Torry Mountains (east), Amber Heights (south-east), Ferania (south), Blasard (south-west), Droop Forest (west), etc.

Map of Kazool