By rlds, 12 June, 2019
Krahters - the Globiuz glossary

The giants

Every fantasy has a horrid creature with evil intents, however, Krahters are the species of natural habitation that scatter Globiuz in different spots.

The dwellers of the caves

It is too hard to judge a fantasy monster that has a heredity of an insectum world. Every apparition of Globiuz has a story behind of it, every specie - descent. Krahters are of Arachnid type and form a very avid hunter of its own.

Regarding its huge, abnormal size, it could cause dangers to many people and warriors of Globiuz. While being solitary dwellers of the caves, Krahters formed an evil portend of themselves, capable of skidding over small groups of knights and even squads of archers!

Various regions of Tornak, Safir and even Azaz, are subject of Krahter-hunt. These rare predators left no traces trailing back to them, causing a lot of furor amongst the poachers and the treasure-hunters, leaving them in demise of their own shadows in the crystal caves...

Krahters - horrid giants of Globiuz

Mystified as treasure-keepers

To call a Krahter a hideous creature, may cause a reprimand by many folks of the fantasy universe. Globiuz has far worse characters of human descents than Krahters: Dark Lord, the Sinister of Bones and other masters of the kingdoms that they control.

Krahters are spontaneous, at least at first look, but many legends tell they lurk in caves for reason - perhaps, they hide, or guard something what nobody knows? The legends of the Golden Scallop have told us many stories of the Krahter treasures, of the cave-labyrinths that are still uncovered and in deep secrets...

Krahters and the centuries

More and more of such names appear in vivid imaginations of Globiuz dwellers. Someone remembered them as lurid critters, others - as protectors of the cliffs. The kings of Prunes have titled them as solid guards of treasures, the merchants of Azaz, as the keepers of the runes of Sleeping Waterfalls, the royals of Tornak - as the hairy spiders of the Rotten Forest.

One thing is for sure - Krahters will always remain a mystery for us, perhaps, even for the Krahters themselves....

Krahters - horrid critters of Globiuz from u/rld_media