Rotten Forest

Forest in Tornak. Beyond dominions of castles, towers and villages of Tornak, there are vast combs of forests, bristling up the sky with tree-spikes. One of such unfortunate places is the Rotten Forest. A place of dark canopy, where sun never shines. An obscure den of dried up and foul trees, where anyone can be suffocated from the gasses it exhumes. Full of spooks, 'demons', Espers, wart-wizards and simply, cannibals - it is a spot, that even the most daredevil knights and armies choose to pass by. Haunted apparitions chase down anyone, even the royals, driving them all insane, chopping into pieces. Rotten Forest was always used as a dispute zone between the earls and barons of Tornak, a casus belli for their throne wars.

the Rotten Forest