By rlds, 31 October, 2022
Globiuz Halloween

Fourth Anniversary

Four years from now, on October 31, 2018 - First Light is published. The swine-dogs of Shakalot attacking the free world - sounds very familiar? It was meant to be a saga of tyranny and the depths of mass psychosis of the militaristic society. Dehumanization and the dismantling of any empathy, degradation of the civil society, chauvinism and nihilistic approach to any forms of life - all was fueled from tops and bottoms. Later on, we have re-framed the story into the fantasy scope of the heroic quartet: Crix, Binglow, Legen and Clarnet.

In the fantasy genre we don't pretend to be telling any factual truth, although the lessons and connotations in such tales are more veritable than in many documentaries. It's not the environment that tells you what is true and what is not, but the reflections of the subjective abyss we pass through

First Light is a good example of how the fantasy environment allows authors to reflect and propose various political, social, technological and other aspects of our real life. As of today, First Light is in its definite Third Edition (2021) and is expecting a light work-over with illustrations and design. Enjoy!