The Sinister of Bones

Character. A colloquial and the nickname for the living-dead, the sorcerous incorporation of evil of the king Sart of Blasard. 'Sinister of Bones' is a raw dialect of mundane peasants of the period, who gathered at fireplaces for spooky tales:

We saw them coming from the ground, the living-dead, the sinister of bones!

King Sart received such a nickname upon arriving at the gates of the ill-fated Blass kingdom, invoking terror and mutiny in the city. It takes a quartet of friends to discover the past roots of the king, as well as the scientific explanations of necromancy and other aspects of that time.

The concept

There is not much known about the king Sart in the Globiuz series, because the concept of the Sinister of Bones was unfolding since 2019, from the chapters of the Golden Scallop as a side story. With time, it was getting materialized into a broader workflow of the upcoming third book - the Sinister of Bones (2023), thence turning into the first representation of the personified evil of the series.