House of Clements

Family rulers of Blasard, traditionalist monarchy. Consists mainly from northern dukes, who held the throne for longer periods than any other houses. The strongest backbone of the country, once shattered by their archenemy - the House of Serpents. When ruled by the king Sart, it was overtaken by Serpents, who considered him as the weakest royal branch, for his eager to change the monarchy. The Clements had a historically strong financial rule and tried to act as a peace-settler in Norwin, serving a counterweight to such powers as Azaz and Ferania. Their vertical power, during Sart, was tried to be reformed, giving more warrants to earls, commanders and judges - which all led to bloody throne wars and revolts. Clements were the first, who tried to follow Tornak in their science race, turning many Blasard castles into hidden laboratories.