House of Serpents

Family rulers of Blasard,  absolute monarchy. Consists mainly from eastern dukes, who held the throne periodically, being challenged by the most dominant family name of the Clements. The Serpents are non-conformists and don't respect any royal heredity, especially the latter, accepting any 'relatives' of non-royal heredity to its bloodline. They were held in despise for their traditionalist treachery and daring assassination attempts, in order to abuse the throne. During the rule of Serpents, the neighbouring regions were always at war or in expectation of anything dire from their unpredictable and poisonous rule. In times of despair, they never shun from unions even with such abominations as Shakalot and other rebels, considered as invaders and murderers around Globiuz. It all left the stigma on the throne under their rule. The best example of the ill-fated Serpents is the king Galias, depicted as a daring survivalist and warmonger.