By rlds, 22 January, 2023
Stones of Globiuz

Fourth Anniversary

Four years from now, January 22, 2019 - the Golden Scallop is published! The beginning of the new year was marked for us as a departure from the broad war stories of the first book and the further exploitation of the main characters. Globiuz was striving for its identity in the early years, before finally realizing the formula of Crix, BinglowLegen and Clarnet. Psychological abyss, the lore of magic and aspects of time became the heart of the series.

Winter errands, taverns, inns and more - the second book is a relaxing cup of tea, compared to the intense turmoil of the first book

The story continues right after we left it in the First Light and opens doors to many other aspects of narration, plots and the environment. Four years from now had elaborated the the fantasy map, explained the magic and expanded the Globiopedia! Grab your mittens and enter the tavern for a cup of tea, beware, there might be poison in your glass - somebody must been watching you. Gems of Globiuz