By rlds, 30 July, 2018
Globiuz First Light - the attic

The tales from the attic

An old man, named Bakarak, from from his remote attic, tells his grandchild Ave a story about the world named Globiuz - the fantasy universe that was supposed to be known as the Earth million years ago...

The War of Opules

We begin in the Medieval Globiuz, struggling its survival. Humans and other races are torn by constant wars with Opules — the hordes of cannibal swine-dogs.

The vicious nomads of the steppes are scything all of more or less civilized nations on their way, in order to establish their rule.

This could have been all of us, if only they could listen to us and live like us... Mesos, Globiuz I.

And we witness a completely new environment, not yet explored by anyone, not even by the dwellers themselves. In the First Light, we see how the scout Paglots and the Black Dwarfs wonder about the paths the Torry Mountains have, or the sailing routes of Norwin, some of the ports of Azaz they have never heard of.

Globiuz First Light monster

In the Golden Scallop, Crix awes at Legen's lack of whereabouts in the Droop Forest, which they thought was examined well by the inhabitants of Norwin. In fact, leading the new explorations into different catacombs and even to hidden from other people races and villages. Like to the Round Village of the Kiwi tribe, that was existent centuries in concealment, to the nooks of the Green Gnomes and their underground cities, the libraries of Azaz, the critters of the caves - the list goes on.

The Launch

Globiuz I: First Light was launched in March 2018 and have been finally published in October of the same year. We hope you would enjoy the journey.

Open your eyes and the see the light that's coming through you... Arim, Globiuz I: First Light
Globiuz I: First Light - first maps and sketches from u/rld_media