Country in Globiuz. A small Crustacean island in the south-Worian hemisphere. Located southward from Tornak, prostrates to the north-Sorian hemisphere. Shares close proximity with the Legumer island. A place of stone-quarries, and other mine-works, handled mainly by the Crustaceans. Crusbroom is also an exotic place of Leguboids, Crickens, rare Caymans and other species, imported from their colonizers.

Swinging their pounding 'hammer-hands', Crustaceans break all types of rocks for their masters, making the stone quarry of Crusbroom literally sweat and moan from their exertion. Under the Crustaceans, this island had turned into a clack-cluttering hell, compared to the laid-back and serene Legumer, who never allowed colonizers.

Map of Crusbroom