By rlds, 26 April, 2018
Working on the Globiuz maps

The meticulous way

The idea of Globiuz dates back to 2001, where author tried to re-initiate inspiring stories of Gulliver's Travels and Red Corsair of J.F. Cooper.

Travel beyond oasis like Gulliver, contemplate the bustling of the crowd, rely on imagination...

The dynamic 90's, where we have grew up, were the 'colourful times' of physical interaction. Right at the advent of the Internet, we have read and told the stories to entertain ourselves and others. Globiuz was a runaway from the never-changing social sentiments, perhaps a true attempt to learn something seriously.

Globus of Globiuz

The challenges

As any rookie author you probably tried to create your 'endless world' of fantasy, however were met with hurdles of putting it all on paper, organizing it and even following it:

  • sometimes, it was perplexing to manage all the characters
  • sometimes, the plots were intercrossing
  • the fantasy races were too vibrant to describe in words
  • and you sketch them on paper
  • you went full pencil drawing self-course that took years to master
  • painting
  • places and the history of Globiuz were questioned
  • the maps were drawn
  • and the world of it was too big to describe it even by volumes...

Going by the series

The serial, or the chronicle writing of Globiuz, was the spot on format for it. You never know when it ends or at what part of it you will end.

Globiuz never stops, it always runs, is it true, brother?

Having all pieces set, the maps were drawn and the races modified, the Globiuz started to spin around, telling its stories. Our first novel, First Light and then the Golden Scallop - everything seemed to be following the continuation of the story, until it all ran up to the Story of the Golden Rose, in where the main challenge is yet to be deciphered - the Sinister of Bones.