Voodoo dancers

Freaks of the Globiuz forests. The feathered horror of any jungle. These tribes form the ritual groups of cannibals and sorcerers of various species. According to many Trunket testimonies, they are mainly formed by humans. Most of the time, even compared to the mighty Shattans, but not as dangerous as them. Voodoo dancers are not pertinent to any culture, except for their bizarre appearance, that suggest of their aboriginal upbringing. Naked torsos, staggered with colourful, long feathers of the hunted Iwis and Sissal birds; a painted mask, covering entire head, usually depicting a surrealistic woodpecker or other ghastly creature in a scornful grin; a bone necklace, warning anyone they could attack. They are mainly lanky and use spears or rods to attack intruders in their forests. Usually segregated, but sometimes come in small groups. They don't get along with anybody, especially with the gnomes, but were noticed with some Gragners, the similar in mindset scavengers and outcasts of this world.

Voodoo dancers of Globiuz