Homo sapiens, sorcerers of the Shakalot swamps. Often confused with voodoo-cannibals and voodoo-dancers, but are the oldest, and the most violent black sorcerers on Globiuz. A mix of Black Elves and trolls - they had molded their own race. Shattans are not pertinent to any particular race or culture, making them able to change their DNA in a course of a century, by mixing with other races.

Their original Shattan identity contrives a scraggy man, with gray skin and a dry wand, capable to produce a ‘stone hypnosis’. With their sorcery, paralyzing any person, sometimes even an army, into a ‘limbo-fear’, later on addressed as catatonia. Much of these creatures are unknown or exaggerated, therefore, Shattans were left to their own ill fate and self-destruction, due to inability to adapt or harness their immense powers.

Some of them are still alive.