Character. His name is Spruce and he is a Clux! This dry shrub had made it to an advisor of the king Madak himself! Spruce is tardy, but a cordial chap, who stays mostly in the Dammas castle (the capital of Tornak). King Madak knows, that the main value of Spruce is not only his ability to see things differently, but to protect the old castle from Sleeves and spook burglars.

Spruce is flippant most of the time and hesitant to make any serious moves. When time comes to give an advice - he is always there to procrastinate with an answer. King Madak is an irascible person, who always needed someone patient, to ponder over the matters. Spruce is always at his side, to get his dry twigs broken by the king, in days of confusion. Just in case.