By rlds, 31 October, 2020
Globiuz books

First book - two years from now!

It was like yesterday. In October 31st, 2018 the First Light was published. Writing, proofreading, sweating and almost dying. Much of the behind-the-curtains work went unnoticed to the public and Globiuz is still striving to get recognition, due to the self-publishing nature and 10$ budget.

What Globiuz tells to the readers?

Persuasion. We never thought that we will survive 2018, not speaking of the 2020 alone: the COVID-19 disaster, wars and other pandemics. Financial crisis and poverty. It all looks like our own globe experiences the Globiuz plaques of the nomads, throne wars, hovering socialism, unrest and anarchy. We all hope, those ugly times will pass by and the Golden Scallop era will march upon the screens, or at least, across the readers shelf.

Has it gotten any better with time?

If speaking on our writing skills, then judge no further than the work called The Golden Scallop. We've made it to the Third Edition, which is a huge destination for us. The First Light was proofread and redacted more often than the sequel, yet we have left it in the Second Edition. In 2020, the first book had gained 57 more pages, 3 new chapters and the definite glossary of the fantasy races (Globiopedia).

The globe

Will the Globiuz series continue?

This is the hardest question to answer. When we were starting the whole fairy-tale thing, we were around 25-27 years old. We've published the first book when turning 33. And time goes faster than our fantasy world unfolds. Many other chores, ideas and tasks are set to be accomplished, yet the Globiuz's self-promotion is very daring.

Nobody out there, knows who in hell Richard L. Douglas is (author's page) and why ever to bother with it? How trustworthy the author is. Know them by their fruits - is they only answer here.

We hope, the Globiuz will continue spinning around, because both books became better, drawing fantasy illustrations richer. And if everything will be fine, the Globiuz III: the Sinister of Bones, will be finished in 2021-2022. We don't like planning.

A candle

Is there any interest or demand for your book?

The same way there was an interest for Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings in the beginning. Nobody knew the underdogs, and most of them remained in an unfair oblivion, overshadowed by the popular media trends and the movie industry.

We don't know if Globiuz will ever make it. We do the work and sometimes, the work does the magic.

Is there a need for a good fantasy entertainment out there? We believe, there is always a demand for talents. Yes, writing isn't something that will make you rich, and even if it ever will, then not for so much. At the end of the road, you'll find that it wasn't worthy spending most of your time on it.

Writing for us, is a recurring inspiration, like a hobby. And we hope, it's inspiring for our readers too, delving into adventures that aspire to live and explore. That's up to them to decide.