By rlds, 31 October, 2023
Globiuz: First Light 5th anniversary!

Fifth Anniversary

Five years ago, on October 31st, 2018 First Light was published! Five years in the making and the Globiuz series have finally began to grow. It was the fantasy debut by the newcomer and it had amassed more illustrations and Globiopedia entries in the horrible day of Halloween! An engaging story and the introduction to the saga of the lively quartet: Crix, Binglow, Legen and Clarnet continues!

Changes since 2018

Since 2018 First Light saw numerous revisions and currently in the major Third Edition of 2021 with periodical updates up to 2023. The story lives on and we're currently working on the third installment of the series (The Sinister of Bones), periodically returning to our previous works.