By rlds, 4 February, 2019
Globiuz: First Light illustrated

All maps, too much to explore...

The main drawback that let the Globiuz I: First Light to stay in a shadow for a while - was the war. Having in mind the vast maps of Globiuz, and that it is a whole globe we are talking about, we're trying to manage the illustrations of the key events in pencil first.

Globiuz: First Light is a depiction of war, held mostly in Norwin, with one invasion in Tornak, and wars aren't that interesting to describe, unless they have those who try to stop them.

A bookstack

War as an image of nations

We tried to make wars as an image of some nations, then it failed mostly. Because the fantasy world is bigger than any references, and the characters are too likable to even to be depicted as a 'scum'.

There is more light in the shrine of the Torry Mountains, right at the slab-table of the dwarf council, than in any historical even in our life. Our history is puny, at that point.

Getting painted

In February 4th 2019, the author started his 'mission' on painting trolls and critters surrounding Globiuz. Devoting different section of the book for the creature glossary, the author created its own Globiopedia of the fantasy environment, thus making Globiuz a true novel of the fantasy genre.

Globiuz I: First Light - a sketchbook archive from u/rld_media