Deep Village, (hedgehog village)

A village in Deep Forest, located between Amber Heights and Maze Forest in Norwin. Deep Village mainly consists of hedgehog population, and also referred as the Hedgen village, or the hedgehog village. Only few dwellers of Amber Heights are allowed to be guided inside the Deep Village, usually, if it's initiated by the indigenous dweller himself, leading a visitor inside.

Deep Village is managed by the Hedgen elder named Hurion, who keeps the community organised and discreet. Treading inside the tacit spot of dark-green an yellow, one would notice a picturesque place of magic. The hedgehog dwellings with sacks and hammocks suspended on trees, next to a fireplace, entice common folks inside. Such genial scoop is shielded from unwanted eyes by its curling paths, roots and hedges. It mainly hosts bards, healers, storytellers, Green Gnomes and Cruxes - the talking ravens. Sit down, stranger, there are many stories to be told.