By rlds, 20 December, 2019
Fantasy genres and fantasy books, Globiuz review

The series we liked and the new

In the market overflow of fantasy genre, where some of the works are good and other are subjective, people look for something that could re-initiate the ‘magic’ of the well-known movie franchises as LOR, GOT, HP, WoT and other series readers are acquainted with from their childhood.

Rocket science of Globiuz

Some of fantasy terrains scout the book-roamers of events, prefer finding new characters, spells and even new worlds. Reading new fantasy books from new authors is a work of sheer selective luck. The major role to that played the famous franchises and the advent of independent publishing. The market quality decline due to the cheap access for independent publisher, strayed out many readers, leaving the reading of physical books in the niche of ‘something boring’ or cumbersome. Instead, it should have been read fast and look good.

All like in a movie

Fast-paced fantasy series, believable characters, realistic events and complete immersion lead some writers to success. The true value of a good novel isn't only a purpose of entertainment, but inspiration. Many argue that fiction is not an informative medium, that it does not teach you any practical experience. Scientifically it is right, experimentally - wrong. We know that experience could come from a mountain trip, a song, or even an expression.

Fantasy fiction won't make you count better, or learn the rocket science, but you weren't there for that in the first place. A mountain trip through the gliding sun, the music of the world that was once forgotten - you were there for memories. The brightest speckles of youth and the darkest pits of tyrant bosoms.

Treasures of Globiuz

Fantasy, fiction readers are delusional

The same way are people who drink milk and smoke, watch Stars Wars and worship Iphones (they are indeed). The stereotypes go on. In the world of science there is no place for fantasy. In the world of fantasy, there is no place for trifles - it always makes a step toward the science.

Ideas that inspire physical world, done by physical minds are no exception from that rule. When fiction was describing rockets 200 years ago and when people launched it to the orbit, it was also a small step from fantasy into the science.

The scenery of Globiuz

The Legumer trees on where the Leguboids dwell, the themes of Rotten Forest, Torry Mountains, Droop and Frool forests of the Green Gnomes - all conspire logical environs of the real.

Globiuz fantasy tree

Whether it is a silver-dust of giant trees or juice of Sissal Trees, the evolution of Globiuz had sprouted out its own creatures, in coherence with biology and works of physics. Perhaps, those fantasy creatures are of even more advanced than the current human civilization, judging by the laws, wars, responsibilities and the technology mindset of them.

Mind the gap

Before offering any fantasy franchise to the public, the writer should demarcate the world he/she offers. The nature and the planet he builds on it should correspond to the laws of physics and the events - to the rules of logic. No gaps of human comprehension should be ever omitted, and the science not only should be complied, and leveled with the ongoing development of our world - but be advanced further! The best fantasy book should be explorative, readable at a glance, being movie-projected and lasting for all generations.