By rlds, 2 January, 2021
Social 'brains'

Why people leave social media?

This question peaked its actual resonance in 2020 fairly. With strict censuring policies from the 'biggies' like Facebook - Twitter, people incited to move to something else. At the end of the day, the user wants good entertainment, real communication and a discovery platform for self-education.

More and more users shift towards the 'light versions' of the current social media, with more of free speech in it. A bad social media image - infested with fake accounts, over-saturated presence of public figures, shuns many others too. It all looks like, there is no place left for simple people to speak out their minds.

Even just being a reader these days, on those giant media platforms becomes cumbersome, due to the advanced bot spread.

Main reasons why people leave the social media

  • strict censorship
  • political affiliation
  • amplification of opinions
  • no respect for you freedom of speech
  • privacy violation
  • too much of target adds
  • no actual information
  • mis-information
  • abuse, harassment
  • no interest in real communication
  • over-saturated with celebrities
  • you have to spend, in order to get noticed
jack in a box

Do I need to leave the social media?

Your decision will only impact the social media itself. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, etc, make money on content creators like you. You post, upload or share something - you make them bigger. You do it for free! If you don't want doing that anymore, what are your aggravations?

What if you still want to get noticed, or share your work with others? There are plenty of social media alternatives.

The simple alternatives

The ones we have tried and are all: safe for business, communication and content sharing.

  • thedots
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit

The good-old alternatives

Once well-known, under-the-radar or simply the 'forgotten' ones:

  • Myspace
  • Tumblr
  • YahooAnswers

Specific niche alternatives

  • Quora - the question-based platform
  • - the former StumbleUpon service
  • Pinterest - why not?
  • Blogger - still in use after all years!

It's all matter of taste.

Magic choice

What a good social media platform should offer?

  • less of politics
  • less of trending
  • less of pestering adds
  • more of bot-control
  • community priorities
  • being user-friendly
  • positive
  • cross-platform

What tools social media should offer you?

  • free tools to reveal your talent
  • tools to customize your appearance
  • an ability to write a blog
  • to schedule posts
  • to edit posts
  • to delete account

Even celebrities open their eyes

A list of famous people, who left (or never used) Facebook or Twitter may not be so big, but the names of those who did so - is. It is telling to us, to simple mortals, that - the social media is not important for our success, it's rather a complimentary tool.

As a platform of a free speech conversation and quality content promotion, some social media fail it, turning the flow of mass hysteria, propaganda, opinion amplification, etc into an agenda. It's easy to manipulate or distribute certain info, when you have a funnel of followers.

Sooner or later, people notice the sham and leave.