By rlds, 31 October, 2021
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Third Anniversary

First Light three years ago - October 31, 2018. Globiuz had started its series 3 years ago and today is recognized by small communities of the fantasy genre. In 2021, the Third Edition of the saga was finessed and accomplished, offering a full, intended result. In the best classic fantasy traditions, First Light brings up new characters, experiments with magic and adventure maps. The series are versatile and combine high fantasy and horror elements as well, bringing us down to the catacombs and cemeteries of the fiction world.

Today, we celebrate the quartet that started it all: Crix, Binglow, Legen and Clarnet. New paperback formats, supporting characters, environment and further development of the Globiopedia - are all ongoing in the late 2021. The upcoming third book, the Sinister of Bones (2022), signifies a complete establishment of the Globiuz series style, with more matured approach of the subject.