By rlds, 22 January, 2020
Political power of Globiuz and the real side of it

Abuse of power

Political power, with the recent events of Donald J. Trump's impeachment and scandals over political affairs, more than better reveal the fragile nature and the throne wars of the 'elite'. The nature of any power and its alignment with corruption, prompts to us that these two go along together.

Tangent or coalescing?

In fiction books and cinema, we more than ever witness protagonists being of good merits, but then suddenly turning to the dark side™. Sometimes we witness the opposite, the dark angel syndrome™ that brings a person back to normal life, restoring the nature.

The real world corruption, however, is no less tangent or coalescing than the political stage. It has the lesser price and roles to smite and gutter below the curtain of media, having less of drama. We witness the same corruption more than in any other protagonist/antagonist 'star battles' of political abuse.

In fact, casual people, not really having much of political, or at least of direct political power, choose evil side more often than the aforementioned. Lack of financial means, lack of social role satisfaction (e.g., by Maslow's hierarchy) delve into corrupt decisions.


We see a good example of throne wars in the American establishment, acute political battles more than ever. A massive player in the political arena as the USA, goes through a theatre of muscles, forgetting of its own vulnerabilities. A prime lion who fights its own pride, forgets that he is on the territory of hyenas.

Throne battles, that remind us almost of the Medieval ages, Wars of the Roses and other battallia that led to major deaths and undermining of own ruling party, only prove the high competition for the power and the available tools for it.

The recent events of the impeachment articles and the whole anti-Trump campaign that started in 2016 only prove the alligator-snap rapacity of the opposing party. And that isn't the matter of the persona, perhaps it's the late Roman Empire syndrome, when everybody gets their hands on the throne while the 'empire' is still at its prime.

Abuse of power and opinion manipulation

Distribution of wealth

Since the central role of all times was the personal and the common wealth of people, the role manipulation for the plebs was the wage levels and reprise. It was logically to conclude that tax cuts would allow more people to work and create business, though, Karl Marx and his socialist friends believed (and still sadly do) that the personal wealth is created by the exploitation and abuse of the common. And never the opposite.

In socialism, the wealth created by many, should benefit the many. So, it does sound fair. Except the wealth is not created anymore the way it used to. It wasn't created manually even in the recent past. Factories and the machinery are the result of individual, corporate growth of those who invest and compete.

Personal gain

We should keep in mind, that the abuse of power comes not only from those who possess it, in many countries the President plays a representative role, but from those who scent the authoritarian leash. Frivolous, unrestrained sense of power is contagious, deviating the psychological portrait of the society.

Public manipulations, that have developed from the 20th centuries into the propoganda machine of certain 'elites', defined weak nations, weak society that is gullible and lacking of logical analysis.

Science never told them to distinguish the difference between a square and a triangle, therefore similar word groups, slogans, notions and accusations are being proposed under disguise of common wealth.

Search engines and social media manipulations

Search engines and information

In times of radical analysis shortage and blurred differentiation, search engines and other big tech companies influence your opinion while you're consuming the media. Mass information builds your vote and the image of the persona. These things didn't only come with the Trump-Clinton 2016 campaign, it only revealed the power and efficiency of the social media.

Such potency to manipulate attention made new, invisible weapons. Easily occupying the minds of the young, especially the trendsters, it has launch its following. With no doubt, it is possible to sharpen spears of rebellion, revolts, resistance or anything else, under ideological slogans of democracy and freedom if it's trending well.

Whip and candy

Something similar happens with authoritarian countries, but under different slogans to defend or justify the tyrant. In places where freedom of speech is more constricted, and the only true expression of it is a hungry uprisal, that most of the time would be stifled, manipulating opinions is made even easier. Almost no giant tech or media companies needed.

If the free societies learn from various, open source media and form their own government peacefully, the authoritarian regime, in contrary, will control it on a leash of food supply and military exhibitions. Similar scenario we witness in the Globiuz I: First Light, where the parasite race of the cannibal Opules was solving out how to control their masses.

We see wars of thrones have shifted from physical interaction into legal fields, fuelled by the media and independent sources, and we understand, that the future of the right decision making would be either correct or fatal. Having a critical ability to solve logical and legal problems would deprecate fake news, fake sciences and everything else that is not genuine or worthy.

Some people would argue that reading books is the solution, and it isn't always true, but having the ability to understand artificial intelligence and how it works in real human - is the key for the 22nd century to survive in information wars.