By rlds, 25 August, 2019
The Gloiuz book formats

Paperback and more

Aside from the paperback, available only on Amazon at the moment, Globiuz is diligently imported into the Kindle format, relieving all the hand-drawn maps of the fantasy terrain, and into the Kobo version, with clear text only.

Peculiarities of the Kobo version

The advantages of Kobo are the text-resizing and the ability to change the font type. There are other handy options the Kobo devices provide to their readers. It is a slightly different experience to read the same book on paper, Kindle and on Kobo, the latter gives own versatility, e.g. speech narration, that almost makes it sound like an audio-book. Besides, it cost slightly less than the Kindle counterpart, because of the formatting and the royalty policies...

Globiuz the book

The paperback

The printout on demand is still preferable than any digital formats - the original way to go. Globiuz: First Light has a 13pt font on paper, a high margin compared to other books, that mostly use the pocketbook format 5x7" and 11pt fonts. Globiuz tried to expand the paper-field of the story by 6x9", making the maps and the illustrations more versatile, as well as keeping the price down.

Illustrations and the audio-book

Beside from having a promotion side on the ground zero, we have focused more on the character and the fantasy terrain painting. Some of the works are ready on this website, here!