By rlds, 4 February, 2019
Writing music in Ableton, RLD.

Entry to digital music

Our first solo music experience in the electronica genre had started in the long 2017, when the first album 'Blade Runner' was drafted. As of February 2019 we have revisited our work and made a vast improvement of it, qualifying for a full album.

The 'Space Marines'

That's right, that is the current name of the debut album, where we have dropped the title 'Blade Runner', in order not to confuse or infringe on the famous franchise done by Sir Ridley Scott and Hans Zimmer. Hence, we get the trace of inspiration for the 'Space Marines'...

The 'experimental electronica', or the 'trance' genre of Space Marines done in the 'old-school' way - the analogue synth lead writing. Simply because, writing in samples is not writing anymore, and the 'manual work' is always appreciated.