By rlds, 9 June, 2019
RLD - the YouTube channel

The author's channel

This isn't our first attempt of going public, but now, we've got the skills! We introduce our finished works, rather than just blogging and opinion writing. We are keen to:

  • promote
  • propose
  • share

So, this is all about making yourself rich?

Not only ourselves. Many people search content for quality reviews, products and services, and having a channel directed to the author of the books and compositions will help immensely, rather than having a promo blog of people who make reviews for money and not even related to a certain work.

A self-portrait, R.L. Douglas

Vanity market vs tangible content!

Media marketing and content creation are something that should accompany a complete product, or a service, otherwise it would become a vanity market or a 'selfie industry' of baubles.

With all technology available today, like instant sharing (e.g. Instagram), it makes a tangible product competition 'compromised'.

Communities of interest

Growing communities around certain genre, helping people to reach a concrete product, whether it is a book or a music album, make their ways out. Self-publishing isn't an exception of these rules, and the only way for authors to introduce their work is social channeling.

Without further adieu, welcome to our channel!