Species sapiens, big, humanoid-rats that came directly from mammalia world. Reminiscent of humans in behavior, but possess all the attributes of a big rat. Below an average of human height, furry and with dirty claws. Their front paws are still weak, but serve as hands well. According to some legends, Shrumelians evolved into species sapiens by intermixing with rare types of dwarfs and Shrums — the ancient toad-like goblins.

Cunning critters, whom you'd never trust. They dig holes in soil, to hide possessions they have stolen from beggars and street performers - they have never had any borders for their goals. Sometimes, they wield weapons, such as: spears and cudgels, but in general, aren’t good warriors.

They may transmit diseases and unwanted rumours, but Shrumelians go well in pubs and inns, entertaining people. Their long, hairy snout serves a comical relief in such places. As well as their stout, fat complexion in a wobbling gait. Shrumelians may look silly, but are very dangerous, when they feel the scent of money, and these rats feel it all the time.