Unknown, skeleton mercenaries of castles and catacombs, sometimes come in bunches in rural forests of Globiuz. The living dead, resurrected by unknown powers, who serve as mediocre guardians and fodder for military rows in armies of evil. These skeletons of former humanoids may be primitively organized, but are effective for temporary operations - Scragglers are alive until the sorcery works.

Some wars of the past had scripted them as fearless demons of bones, coming out of the graves of dead criminals and heretics. However, a further examination of their remnants would suggest that there is nothing mystical about them (except the fact that they are summoned by the sorcery), and they represent living skeletons with primitive joint tissues, average striking power, low defenses and some sort of dexterity. Beware of dark corners, for there is one of them with a dagger behind your back.