By rlds, 3 April, 2019
Building guitar amp cabinet

Making the sound

While writing music for Globiuz, we've noticed the lack of live sound. The MIDI keyboards were mostly good for symphonies, however - an expansion was needed.

Trying to harness a small 10w guitar amplifier (the only we've got) into a new, 12" speaker for sound recording. This means building something else. It was never a trouble to learn something new for a writer and an artist of the Globiuz series, but becoming a composer and a carpenter in the same body... is pretty natural.

A guitar

Jack of all kinds, master of some

Writing Globiuz, painting Globiuz, composing Globiuz, building 'Globiuz', blogging 'Globiuz', The over-stretching, 'brand-drilling'? This is due to the limited resources, where the creator on its own, and it is good!

Becoming a creator

Without getting too technical, there are tons of info about changing the amp head and flicking it to a new body, building guitar cabinets and on, we'd keep a 'know-how' of our equipment, and mention that it's a 12" and not a 6'5" speaker anymore.

Thanks, Tantal, it would be more audible to record it with the mike. The small diameter speaker was a horrible experience for such purposes.