Submitted by rlds on Wed, 04/03/2019
Building guitar amp cabinet

While writing music for Globiuz, we've noticed the lack of live sound. The MIDI keyboards were mostly good for symphonies, however...

An expansion was needed

Trying to harness a small 10w guitar amplifier (the only we've got) into a new, 12" speaker for sound recording. This means building something else. It was never a trouble to learn something new for a writer and an artist of Globiuz series, but becoming a composer and a carpenter in the same body... is pretty natural.

Jack of all kinds, master of some

Writing Globiuz, painting Globiuz, composing Globiuz, building 'Globiuz', blogging 'Globiuz', The over-stretching, 'brand-drilling'? This is due to limited resources, where the creator on its own, and it is good!

Becoming a creator

Without getting too technical, there are tons of info about changing the amp head and flicking it to a new body, building guitar cabinets and on, we'd keep a 'know-how' of our equipment, and mention that it's a 12" and not a 6'5" speaker anymore.

Thanks, Tantal, it would be more audible to record it with the mike. The small diameter speaker was a horrible experience for such purposes.