By rlds, 24 April, 2023
trolls and orcs of Globiuz

Toad-goblins of the marshes

It's been over 5 years since the first book of Globiuz was published on Amazon, but we haven't had time to unfold on many creatures in the upcoming Globiopedia brochure. Emples were circulating in our mind for long times and we've tried to redesign the troll from Globiuz. In many fantasy series goblins and orcs are mentioned as low-tier mercenaries, with very limited intellectual abilities and roles. Only Emples of Globiuz are not limited to one side of the board.

Swamp species

These species were called toad-goblins for a reason. Mutational changes erupting in the early Globiuz were the direct results of the dying out Radix era. Chemical explosions were taking place during that time, leading many new species of Radix to emerge and shape up the world of Globiuz. Losing its past and turning into the new era, Radix left its imprint of primal abomination on many species of the modern Globiuz. These warthog, toad-looking goblins are the subject of many speculations of swamp mutations. They can be ugly and thick-skinned, but they vary by locations and the evolution.

Omnivorous executioners

Emples are mostly neutral denizens of rough terrains and rural places. Some species of the toad-goblins are even noticed in the advancing kingdoms and mega-cities of Globiuz, working on menial jobs alongside with Trunkets and Mormods, which proves that they constitute a capable social unit. Yes, Emples are limited on wits, but some of such successful species even attain the ranks of foremen, blacksmiths and captains on squads. Their corpulent nature and immunity to diseases turned them into good soldiers and scouts, being enticed by many kingdoms of Globiuz for hire in various challenging tasks. Emples aren't the best tactical soldiers, in contrast to dwarfs, elves, Paglots, etc, but they are uncompromising executioners and middlemen in the logistics and siege battles.

Emples - odd goblins of Safir from u/rld_media