By rlds, 18 December, 2019
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Creative writing as content creation

Before any technical aspects are delved into, your site is to be filled with quality content. We have discussed the product-driven and blog-driven websites and conferred on option that any website should serve a product basis.

The 3 cent marketing for a shoestring start of your budget is writing - as the only cheap verbal promotion to the outside world in the beginning. Creative writing may change a lot - but not all.

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URL submission and web monitoring

Upon reaching a 100 pages website, it is plausible to start proper indexation and monitoring of it with:

Quick analysis with:

Most of the tools are free for beginners, as soon as your site doesn't reach ~1000> pages you're safe with bona fide tools and indexing.

Schema markup for correct classification

Using additional micro-data and classifications for search engines via free services as:

Because indexing a new site may be tedious, and your pages may get lost in indexing operations, even if you have Google Analytics and Search Console active. Web traffic for newer sites (1-3 years old) is harder to discover, therefore needed additional tools, markups, sitemaps and reference links.

Relying only on Google algorithms is impractical, they change most of the time. Besides, quality content stays longer on horizon than the technical requirements.

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Another classic option for content mark-up is the sitemap generation. Help the search engine discover the structure of your website and submit all (or most of your pages) to the Search Console.

Easy and free sites for sitemap generation:

There are ways to build XML sitemaps manually, if you like HTML coding - takes more time, but always free, in case if you reach the 500 pages indexing limit most generators bind to. Most of free sitemap generators also lack RSS and content indexation, in order for you to switch for their PRO plan. However, in the beginning of your career, basic indexation up to 500 pages is more than enough!

Robots.txt tester

Allowing search engines indexing, following and validating certain (any) pages of your website is possible with the proper command set of your robots.txt file. Some of the good robots.txt tools, that allow you to markup certain directories, fetch the validation status and even highlight the mistakes in your robots.txt, are:

SEO markup, web development, rld - globiuz

Quality, quality...

As we have mentioned, having practical tools, markups, SEO campaigns are essential for the new sites, but lack of quality content and absence of creative writing play a turnover factor. The days of artificial link-exchange are over, this means just buying quality links aren't going to save your online business, perhaps even opposite - turn it into a trash aggregation.

Being careful in your campaign: building, placing the product correctly and marketing it at a measured pace - will get your website rankings growing in 2-3 years. No magic for a ''week-pro-plan'' or so - those days are gone, and the hype of it is mostly useless. Content buildup and aggregation, would serve a better result for any business.