By rlds, 22 March, 2020
Content proportions and SEO management

Proportions of your content

While building your content, hiring writers, promo managers, publicity studios to craft the flesh of you presence, we must consider our time and money investment wisely. We must consider, which portion of your content is just a 'click-bait', which one is a serious article, an opinion, review, or a publication, and distinguish - which one most of the time works in a long-term run.

Spending time on building your name or brand takes years, therefore we must differ the personal brand from the product brand.


As the person grows, so do his/her skills. Nowadays, the personal brand, perhaps the hardest thing to pull out for a profit. A niche of celebrities with higher amounts of cash throttle down the industry with quality hype. It's not the 90's, where the personal blogging was something jaw-dropping. Or the 00's, when being creative on YouTube meant a good way of paving your way to the top.

Nor it is the 10's, when the blog streaming went on the streets and shopping malls with you. In the 20's we portent the skill set of persona - individual quality and the result. In the content aura we have discussed that the search engines improve their self-learning, and so does the next, upcoming generation, which is least product- or brand-oriented. But instead...

Idea driven

We see that the interest of young people grows no more around the brands only. It was the era of the Baby Boomers with posters like: 'We drink Coca and smoke Marlboro'. Those orangutan times of aggressive product placements are over. This all could be backed by the stats that prove the decline on the old-fashioned brands and stereotypes.

Millennials and the Gen Z, and those who come after them, are more predisposed towards personal loyalty. These people don't believe in ads, in fact, they have invented the AdBlock. These people spend 76% of their income on international flights - they know the world outside of the box.

content proportions and the SEO optimization

Many ideas to kick-start

We know that most of the old brands die due to lack of interest or because of aging badly. The tech and the gadgets are the most vulnerable ones, while the drinks and food are tend to live longer. Everything related to the period, luxury fashion, fur, expensive cars, etc, are going to be in decline due to environmental demands by the upcoming generations.

Time shows that people with bright ideas who cope well with the new, progressive ideas are tend to have more interest in the future products than in the traditionally driven brands. Certainly, there are benefits of the traditional way of doing business too, but it has already became its own sub-niche, oriented mostly on Baby Boomers. Leather craft, apparel, rare animal material, etc.

The next gens are not looking for the hide of a dead mammoth, sitting at the expensive ivory-made hearth on a rocking chair, smoking pipe with imported tobacco, and occasionally checking time on their exclusive turnip watch. The youth goes to space, as the Tesla does, mind-blows it with the Python programming, designs augmented reality. They are ready for the 22nd century.

Such things as: solar panels, alternative energy, artificial meat, nutrients, lean manufacturing - were all from the science fiction department 15 years ago.

Back in the 90's and early 00's it did really matter who you are, what you drive and what clothes you wear. Now it's quite opposite - we want to see what you have in your head first.

The content share

But getting back to the technical aspects, we must understand that the SEO competition of today's Internet is also different. The Internet has passed its prime, and some would say it is at its decline. The artificial intelligence is the game-changer - the way people will communicate and consume information will also change.

And before that haven't had happened, we still write and create content manually, here, in 2020. We still write creative content, this time not only for the machines, but for the AI. Humans, rarely read blogs these days, because there are too many of them and they are time consuming - but for the AI it could take seconds or so.

Congregating your SEO content is no longer artificial - it should be written the same way it's accomplished for the humans. The scaling, or the proportions of your content may be set out on the range of:

  • short-range - 20%
  • mid-range - 60%
  • long term - 20%

Where by the short-range content we understand the 'click-baits' - and old technique from the early days of the Internet. Why is it still relevant? The same way it is relevant in fishing - only you're the one who feeds the fish with the content. In other words, having some of the short-term SEO targets is useful for a quick advertisement. A stress mark that grabs attention of a reader, in order to check the facts.

content optimization and the SEO

Each portion at time

If all the short links get the clients on your site and you don't have the mid-range quality content - then it's all senseless. Waste of time and money. The fish would be bored.

We emphasized the mid-range quality content as the main one, because it is the backbone of your website. Writing quality articles manually and by humans is the hardest way to create traffic. Betting against the terabytes of the amassed content of your competitors is almost unreal! Executing different types of media still comes as a an awareness booster.

And that is where the long-range content comes in handy. It takes longer to create the hype, idea-driven, aura-driven 'masterpiece'. These are the gems you have created from a long time ago and kept it in your chest for a while, in order to impress those who dared to stumble upon your online presence.

The changing Internet

Establishing your masterpiece brand today needs more exhibition online, where traffic is so congested. The stats show that in 2014 most of the Internet users were coming from Facebook and YouTube. People ignore other sources: independent media and blogs, because they are tired of ads and Internet begging.

That is where the AI search and crawling optimization come in handy, in order to sort out the husks and the chaffs from the query. The Internet is becoming so over-flocked that the content filtering and content aggregation niches started to grow. It's no longer the info surfing, but the filtering out.

The aforementioned types of content and ads - all help to establish the loyalty-based branding. Knowing the right seasoning and proportions of the content management will help you a lot in your SEO targeting.