R.L. Douglas

An author and a producer of Globiuz fantasy series which include Globiuz I: First Light (2018) and Globiuz II: The Golden Scallop (2019).

Around 2001 R.L. Douglas drafted a work titled 'World of Ferania'. It later on became a game project (2016) that was halted and had eventually turned into a novel.

R.L. Douglas - author of Globiuz

Roles we play

Mastering each craft by little, R.L. Douglas, at the end of his 20's, managed to contemplate life of a: carpenter, construction foreman, vagabond, prisoner, drunkard, shepherd, and all of lives that twirled in his mind.

Lived lives of different men and even women (!), I've realized it was a 'curse', so I've settled down...

Globiuz and the three-legged stool

The Globiuz lamp

Globiuz was drafted on a stool missing the 4th leg, alongside with the other movie scripts. It took some time to stay afloat. It was the first step into that real, many years later, after the rough book sketches and maps that were drawn in the distant 2001.

Not without any influence of classic works and popular fantasy genres, R.L. Douglas introduces vivid characters and base situations of life.

Ebeneezer Scrooge and Sherlock Holmes were ground and believable, so I've concluded - the world must be that bad...

In 2016, failing almost in every career possible, R.L. Douglas, in the beginning of his 30's, had settled down and started writing...

Cauldrons of R.L. Douglas