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Tales from the attic

An old man Bakarak was a storyteller. One of such stories was the Globiuz I: The War of Opules, later on re-titled as the First Light. Globiuz - is the world that was supposed to be known as the Earth million years ago.

Globiuz I: First Light
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Swine-dogs and the bunch

Humans and other races are torn by constant wars with Opules — the hordes of cannibal swine-dogs. The vicious abominations are scything everything on their way, justifying it with their own twisted mentality. Only the kids from Amber Heights could handle it!

This could have been all of us, if only they could listen to us and live like us.


Brutalized by wars and the swine-dog way of living, a soldier of Tornak, reveal the true pace of the Opules.

New kingdom

The First Light could be interpreted as a birth of civilizations:

... and let the wings of it be the light of our kingdom.
Globiuz I: First Light, Kindle Edition
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Return to the magic

The First Light is also a farewell-saga to the 'magical' world that was known before the existence of the human culture. The waning world, in where the wizardry became a relic, spellbound in elemental magic, hidden by the incantations of the sorcerers, harnessed into various objects so many travelers and treasure-hunters were after. It was caused not only by the progress of the advancing races, but by the cynical reasoning of their rulers.

From the First Light begins the new Globiuz, where magic is dispelled. Where the new races come to hunt the old ones, and the weapons of mind emerge to quench traditions of the old legends.