Submitted by rlds on Thu, 02/07/2019
Working in Ableton for the debut album, Space Marines.

A small step forward

One of those programs (DAW) that you can't actually create any music in, unless you've learned it in a traditional way. Ableton Live, personally for us was a 'supplement' in music writing, something you would use to 'garnish' your ready tracks with the effects and other perks.

However, for those who haven't yet mastered their live  (traditional) instruments, Ableton (and other DAW's) offer that 'out of the box' approach, where 'you can make music' without learning it that much.

Trying digital before going live

We personally didn't like the approach, because it sounded unfair and non-professional, but the lack of some hardware tools, instruments that cost $$$ of dollars, push some of the authors trying it.

Our first album, 'Space Marines', being recorded in Ableton, with the Edirol Roland keyboard and custom plugins, simulating some of the most notorious analogue synths.

It is very important to make a first step in music-making, and our first step will be associated with Ableton, like it or not.